Through the expressive use of color, my desire is to awaken and transcend the spoken word. Object begins the dialogue.

Informed by the fluxes of our social discourse and sensibility of the environment, a visual language is realized. Influenced by the aesthetics of design, the conceptual aspect is complex, and an important foundation in developing the form. Surface, material, and seriality enforce the physical object supporting the influences of its origin. Seemingly displaced from an industrial or urban environment, the object utilizes the language of color commonly experienced in our daily lives. Hue provides a glimpse into each works individuality, comprised of synthetic and organic emotion. 

artist biography

Art Garcia is a Texas-born artist who lives and works in Dallas. With 30 years experience Garcia has been honored in journals and annuals in the United States and Europe. He has produced work for The City of Dallas, Georgetown, Southlake, New Orleans, The Meadows School of Art, The University of Texas at Dallas, The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and the US Census.

Most recently he completed Frolic, four serial forms in steel for Fire Station 32 and Adamson Vision, bas-relief murals for Adamson High School in Dallas. Past installations which he has created and managed, encompass retail properties including The Riverwalk in New Orleans and Topanga Plaza in Canoga Park, CA. Garcia’s emphasis is to create objects specific to the environment they exist.

Art Garcia earned his MFA from the University of Dallas and is a graduate of the Art Institute of Dallas. In 1998 he founded Graphic Content to support private, public and commercial endeavors. Garcia has guest lectured at the Art Institute of Dallas, the University of North Texas and South Arkansas State University.